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33% of the Global Population Suffers from Premature Ejaculation and Lasting in Bed

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It’s on the mind of nearly every man. The media blows it far into new realities. SEX. PASSION. DATING. LOVE. It’s 2015.

People are having sex….

And there are those who aren’t. There are those who are terrified of even looking at women. Feeling that pang in their heart, knowing the inevitable pain that will come if he even reaches the night with her.

There are men who are absolutely haunted by their lack of performance in the bedroom…

And the solution is right here….



First, let me admit…


We are VERY NEW, and that’s why we’re working as hard as we possibly can to ensure YOUR greatest success.


Look, we’re nothing without you. We NEED you. Therefore, we love you and we’ll overcompensate and overcompensate again and again until you have EVERYTHING you need. 

OUR OFFER IS INSANE. Absolutely HIGH value. NO Risk. These customers have everything they’ve been looking for.. RIGHT INFRONT OF THEM. It took us to find just the right guy, and when we did, we knew we had a unicorn, a F*&&%&% GOLD MINE. 

TO be honest, We Wrote these products and we’re wanting this product.



We will be making constant tweaks until we ABSOLUTELY CRUSH IT. We have plans for complete world domination…. 



Evergreen Men’s Health Niche With Passionate Customers that NEED Solutions


This is a problem men everywhere desperately hope to overcome. This a problem men ( And Their Lovers ) go to EXTREME lengths to fix. 

Imagine sticking needles into your skin, and particular appendages to “expel the pain and become one with yourself”…. 
Imagine living a life essentially handcuffed to “sex creams” and are barred to anything more than the “Stop and Start” method just to have half a chance at giving their partner an enjoyable night….
Imagine never being able to satisfy that one special person you love.

..and Curb Your Ejaculation will evaporate their problems as well as provide them with a solid foundation to re-gain all their confidence and TAKE CONTROL of their life again. 



Your Audience is The World: Graduate Students, Married Men, 40+…

AND Their Lover’s. She Suffers Too.

And it’s not just the men who are going through this. It’s their PARTNERS AND LOVERS ( Wives / Girlfriends ) that are TRAPPED in these relationships. Kids, marriage, financial reasons, emotional ties…. But sex isn’t a big deal… right? WRONG.


There hasn’t been a product like this in nearly half a decade. HALF A DECADE

 Nobody knew how to attack this niche. UNTIL NOW….


The Answer to The Most Important Question EVER ASKED

Take This HOT Offer at 75% and See Massive Sales

This is an offer that is absolutely irresistible to those it is placed in front of. It’s the answer to the age old question “how was it”. What’s the first thing your lover’s friends want to know. What’s the most PRESSING question? What’s the one thing that is nearly absolutely essential to being human. 


NOT just Sex. GOOD SEX.


Pricing and Commission

Here’s what you could make based on our commission structure.


  • 1 sale @ 75% X $39 = $29.25
  • 2 sales @ 75% X $39 = $58.5
  • 5 sales @ 75% X $39 = $146.25
  • 10 sales @ 75% X $39 = $292.5


I mean, just 10 sales looks like a pretty damn good way to cover those monthly mortgage payments, college tuition loans, your car…. That’s all it takes. I know you could put those commissions to vital use. And I know you can do way better than 10 measly sales.  


Join the Lifted Limitations Family as an Affiliate and See the Massive Sales You’ve Been Trying Again and Again for. This is IT.


Join our family where everyone has a summer home and drives a Mercedes to work  everywhere this is the kind of family we want to attain.

If you were looking for a High Quality product with a good name and good support, THIS IS IT.

So, I’ll say it now.

Welcome to Lifted Limitations.

Please, do not hesitate to reach us at support@curbyourejaculation.com with ANY questions, concerns or comments.

All the best,

and Remember…


Nobody does it like Lifted Limitations,


Ross Aken.



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Thank You

Thank you for promoting us through the Curb Your Ejaculation affiliate program,

To Your Success,


Ross Aken








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